This is where we will put our courses as we create them while participating in Moodle training.
  • Jody Slaughter's Test Course
  • Jamie DeShazo's test course
  • Audio Video Technology
  • This course is designed for the student to review Keyboarding techniques by practicing drills.
  • This is an area for you to play and experiment in Moodle.  You can upload resources, enter information, add blocks, add activities, and use all of the other tools available to you in the Moodle courseware.  This area is set up to help you get comfortable with the way Moodle works before you actually create your own courses.
    Self enrolment
  • This course is to introduce students to Spanish.  It will give basic skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  All of these tasks will be covered during the course throughout the year.
  • This course is introductory Spanish for freshman only. The student will learn beginner Spanish skills in order to move on to Spanish 2.
    Self enrolment
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